John Broglia

Posted November 28th, 2012 by admin

John Broglia’s love for comics dates back to his early childhood. Before he was even old enough to read, John’s mother would take him around the corner from their Brooklyn home to the local comics shop and let him pick out a handful of books that she would later read to him before he went to bed. This eventually led to John’s passion to create comics of his own. He emulated his heroes and created his own versions of popular characters all throughout his school years. When the time came to choose a college to attend, the choice was obvious. He needed to apply to a school where he could major in Cartooning. John attended the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan where, in his sophomore year, he discovered the world of animation and temporarily left the world of comics behind.

While attending class he would venture over to the nearest comic shop and pick up issues of the newly released book Powers and his passion was revived. An animated style much like his own and content geared for an adult audience; this was what he always wanted to do! After graduation, a few small internships and some paid work in the New York City animation scene, John returned to his first love. He teamed up with a pair of inspired writers looking to start their own small press company. It was his first paid gig in comics and even though the book (as well as the company) never saw the light of day it led John to his first trip to Comicon International in San Diego and a chance encounter with William Tucci, famed creator of Shi.

A year later, in 2005, Tucci gave John his first break in the industry, teaming up with a European company to produce John’s first published work, a oneshot called Zombie Sama! This led to a signing at the first ever NY Comicon where John was finally given the opportunity to meet the man who helped breathe life back into his love for comics; Michael Avon Oeming. They quickly became great friends and looked forward to working together on a project. During that time John participated in the first volume of Mice Templar, drawing some layouts and a pin up for the series.

After a couple of years the two finally found a project to collaborate on called God Complex. The series, John’s first, was released through Image Comics. During this time John met aspiring writer Michael Sarrao and they would join forces in bringing one of Michael’s many creations to life. That series is Unmasked.

John currently lives on Long Island with his beautiful wife Vanessa.

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